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Apple roofing installed my roof over 10 years ago.  Last week after the heavy rains, I thought I was having a problem so I called them and they came over the next day, climbed into my attic, onto the 2nd and 3rd floor roofs and looked around and reported the problem to me, which was not roof related.  They spent about 30 minutes with me plus their drive time and wouldn't take one penny.  That's customer service!  Also, they do a great job.

Ninja K.


Apple did our roof six years ago. When it started raining in my daughter's room, I called them immediately. They came out and started to fix one of the problems. When they were here to do the rest, they found the real cause of the leak and fixed it. The real leak was in a tricky area in a window dormer on the third floor. If they did not care, they could have left it and done the original patch job. I am fortunate that they did the work correctly and billed me fairly. Thank you

Robin R.


Stephen R.


Apple roofing has great people whom are experienced and professional. I highly recommend them!

Laura F.


We have been using them for years and have been very satisfied.

William E.


Apple is the best! I've used them for almost 40 years now on my 90 year old home which still has most of it's slate roof which these guys have maintained. Give them a call.

Excellent company! Very helpful, courteous staff. I have recommended them to several people who need an honest group of people who have very reasonable prices and will do a competent, professional job on your roof. Apple Roofing is at the top of their game and will do top of the line work for you. Thanks for a great job guys and all the help given to me in the process.

Sharon H.


Sarah W.


Instead of going with three different contractors to handle each phase (roofing, siding and gutters) going with Apple Roofing to just take care of everything saved us time and money. There was no need for me to contact and coordinate between contractors to do the job. We couldn t be happier that we chose Apple Roofing. I would definitely use them again!